H Advice is an international network composed of law firms, consulting firms and professionals who have been working in this sector for more than forty years. Our professionals provide a wide range of integrated services by using a multidisciplinary approach to assist public and private companies, profit and non-profit organizations through the cooperation of seven Business Units: Legal, Tax, Advisory, Audit, Accounting, Real Estate and Marketing.

The network offers rapid solutions to a wide range of issues by providing high-quality assistance on a specific sector or, if requested, an integrated consulting service to customers who need help in managing property.

H Advice key feature is matching local market knowledge with an international structure.

Our mission is to optimize our client business performance and guarantee tangible results within the shortest time possible, turning knowledge into value for our clients, community, and markets.

H Advice International Network (HAIN) refers to H Advice s.r.l. (Italian limited liability company) and its coordinator H Advice Ltd ( an advisory company based in London). Each of our professional members and member firms represents a separate and independent legal entity.

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H Advice Network mission is to optimize their clients business performance and guarantee rapid tangible results.